If you are between forty-something and seventy-something, this is for you!

By Sally Britton,

April 18, 2021

This is the age when you are most likely to be experiencing the first signs of a body that is needing some “tuning up”. You are an aware individual, paying some attention to your thought patterns, understanding how and where you are not supporting yourself with negative, self-judgemental thoughts. You may be feeling that you are not on your authentic path, wanting to change direction and not knowing how. Spiritually, you may be connected to a Higher Source, but you know there could be so much more – you are wanting freedom from attachments to old outdated things, and letting go of what is holding you back, clearing old history …..

Now is the time for you to re-evaluate your life in a holistic context on all levels:

  • Are you loving what you are doing in terms of your work?
  • Are you on the same wavelength (or in resonance with) the people you are in relationship with?
  • Are you struggling to move ahead in a positive direction?
  • Is your body showing up with the pain and discomfort (distortions) from emotional turmoil?
  • Do you feel there is something missing in your life – that you are placing too much focus on the externals of your life, rather than on your internal being?

Energetically speaking, we are collectively on a fast track at the moment where new energies are streaming in, and it is a major opportunity now for ‘OUT WITH THE OLD, AND IN WITH THE NEW’. Are you one of those individuals feeling driven to clear, remove, let go, detach, and release? Maybe you know intuitively that now is the time to construct the life that holds all the parameters of what you truly want.

The essence of energy healing is helping you shift a current situation into a higher vibrational frequency where everything changes – both internally and externally.


  • Being in the flow of life instead of stuck
  • Knowing your path instead of directionless
  • Feeling calmer instead of stress load
  • Enjoyment of life instead of depression
  • Mental freedom instead of anxieties
  • Balance instead of ungroundedness
  • Well-being instead of health issues
  • Insightful understanding instead of confusion
  • Connection to inner self instead of fears
  • Release from karmic issues instead of emotional pain

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