New vibrational frequencies

By Sally Britton,

June 7, 2021

Everything has always been about vibration. Everything vibrates: different speeds, different densities, different frequencies.

Our bodies are learning to hold a higher vibrational light. Our coding is shifting. Our vibrational frequencies are accelerating. Earth’s vibrational frequencies are elevating – we are in tandem. Our hearts are opening up to one another in true empathy, and we are beginning to experience unity.

We offer what we do in an expanded vibrational frequency. Our ‘output” matches an “input” (what we receive), as a vibrational exchange. In this field, there is capacity for magnetic amplification, to expand and grow through vibrational collaboration. This for me, is vibrational “marketing”.

Energy healing in the old paradigm had a sense of separation, always collaborative in energy field exchange, none the less, there was the Signal (energy transmitter and conduit) and the Receiver (energy transformer and recipient).

Now in these all-powerful new vibrational frequencies, it is Unified healing. A pure vibrating field of completely co-resonant unity consciousness, complete sharing of visual imagery, vibrational shifts, frequency attunement and settings, and transformational insights gained through a unified heart field.



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