The Law of Circulation

By Steven Brownlow,

May 21, 2021

Everything is manifestations of a single Universal Consciousness.

And yet, the paradox of life is that we’re biologically separate. Energetically, we’re made of the same stuff, but we’re each individual balls of the same energy.

It makes no sense to want to prove you’re separate, because you already are. It also make no sense to want to be one with everything, because you’re already that, too. That’s the paradox.

Universal Consciousness is eternal, so wanting security makes no sense. How can you thrive longer than eternity?

Universal Consciousness is experienced subjectively as pure Love, so wanting approval makes no sense, either. Approval is counterfeit love, conditional “love” based on submitting to someone’s attempted control. They use approval to gain your acquiescence. Why settle for false love when you’re pure Love itself?

And finally, Universal Consciousness is all-powerful, so wanting control makes no sense. Control is a false sense of power over others or circumstances, and when you already have the power to create something never before seen from untapped Universal Consciousness, control is trivial.

We create through the flow of energy, of Universal Consciousness, of Love. They’re all the same thing. That love must flow into us, through us, and back out of us. That’s the Law of Circulation, the flow of love.

All creation happens that way. Abundance happens by following the Law of Circulation, though we tend to mistake money for abundance. This is as big a mistake as mistaking kisses for Love. One’s a symbol of the other’s presence. 

I bring that up because we make the same mistake with love as we do with money. We hoard it. That’s my love! You can’t have any! I need it! What will I do if there’s a shortage and I run low?

Which, since everything is made of Love, is pure craziness. Is the sun shining? Are the plants growing? Are the birds singing? Is the wind blowing? Are the rocks still there? There’s plenty of love everywhere!

Rather than being miserly, the task’s to release the blocks within the circulation. We can block it going out. We can block it coming in. Or we can block it circulating within us. Each block requires us to release it.

Before releasing blocks, it’s important to reset our expectations. Though no one originates love, we are the source of the love in our lives. We must treat that as true. Otherwise we make the source of love external, which gives away our power. The amount of love in our lives depends upon us and our decisions.

We also need to realize that loving someone and having them love us back equally, at all times, only happens in movies. Our job’s to send love where it’s needed and receive love from where it’s offered, whether those two are the same or not.

Finally, the flow of love is like breathing. You have to breathe in and breathe out. Only breathing out without breathing in will kill you. Only breathing in without breathing out will also kill you. And holding your breath forever will kill you. You need to do both, in balance.

Having said all of that, the procedure’s simple. Send out love first. Prime the pump. The two easiest ways to send love out are with generosity and compassion. Increasing either will increase the flow of love outward.

Increasing the flow of love back in calls for gratitude. Each time you appreciate the love already flowing back to you, you invite more in. 

Increasing the flow within you requires forgiveness, both for yourself and for others. Chronic guilt and resentment block the flow of love. The more certain you are that resentment is justified, the more forgiveness and compassion is required to maintain the flow.

You don’t have to volunteer to be a doormat, and I’d urge you not to. Carrying toxins around in your system that stop the circulation of love leads only to stuck energy, which results only in disease. 

No one’s mistreatment of you is worth ending this life for. Let them go, along with their toxins. Free yourself to love again, to experience joy and abundance again. Free yourself to live again.

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Steven Brownlow

2 thoughts on “The Law of Circulation”

  1. You have taken me on a whirlwind of Love dear Steven. I really love the way you talk about giving and receiving. It’s a recurrent theme in my week and your article was the cherry on the cake. Thanks for sharing your words of love 🙏


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